The Greatest Left Hook in the History of Boxing

The ABA American Boxing Champion of September is Tommy "The Duke" Morrison.

Each month the American Boxing Association pays tribute to one American Boxing Champion. The ABA conducts a monthly poll in which boxing fans are asked who should be honored as the Champion month? Why do we do it? We are boxing fans. We want to improve the Sport of Boxing in the United States. There has never been an American Boxing Champion. There have been plenty of American World Champions but there is no clear cut Champion of the USA. 50% of all boxers who stepped into the ring were Americans yet America has no National Title. Until now! The ABA was formed to unify the industry under a shared interest of protecting athletes and increasing participation. Please show your support for the ABA by liking and sharing the ABA Blog each month.

Tommy Morrison wins the ABA Top 10 Left Hooks of all time with a KO rate of 81% and commanding lead in the popular vote.

ABA Fight Facts

  • Has a record of 2-2 (1 KOs) in World Title fights.

  • Has a record of 2-3 (1 KOs) against former or current world titleists.

  • Won against Pinklon Thomas, George Foreman

  • Lost against Ray Mercer, Michael Bentt, Lennox Lewis

Left Hook Master

Mike Tyson vs Tommy Morrison -

Published on Youtube

Sep 1, 2017

Boxing Extra

Tommy Morrison was a heavyweight boxer best remembered for his acting role in Rocky V and the fact that he tested HIV-positive. He was often categorized as a "Great White Hope."

Morrison was the brother of fellow heavyweight boxer Tim Morrison and claimed to be the nephew (some sources report great-nephew) of actor John Wayne, whose birth name was Marion Robert Morrison. However, in an interview, Wayne's son Patrick said, "I really don't know if he's related to us or not. But if he keeps winning, I'd have to say, sure, he's my dad's nephew."

In real life Morrison had a record of 28-0, fought Ray Mercer for the WBO heavyweight title in October 1991. Morrison won the first three rounds, but he started to fade in the fourth and was brutally knocked out in the fifth. After eight straight knockout wins, Morrison fought George Foreman for the vacant WBO heavyweight title in June 1993. Morrison outboxed Foreman and won by a twelve-round unanimous decision. That fight was the pinnacle of his boxing career but his hardest fights were outside the ring.

Tommy group up in a community plagued by generational poverty and little to know opportunity for success. He had little supervision at home and was said to be as likely to burn the Football as to play on it. His mom tattooed boxing gloves on his leg when he was only 10. By age 13, Morrison began forging ID papers to enter local Toughman competitions in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. Tommy fought in 21 fights before he was old enough to drive. He said he won 50 fights and lost only one. As an amateur boxer, Morrison won the Kansas City Golden Gloves and fought Ray Mercer at the 1988 Olympic Trials, losing by decision. Morrison claimed an amateur record of 222-20.

“Tommy” will be available exclusively for streaming on the ESPN App and

on-demand audiences starting Wednesday, Sept. 13.

It will then make its broadcast premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 7 p.m. (CDT) on ESPN2

"The Duke" lived a life of extreme highs and lows." - ABA Executive Director, Kit Coughran

Early in his professional career, Morrison co-starred in the 1990 movie Rocky V, playing Rocky Balboa protege Tommy Gunn.​ He secretly married to two women at the same time and was constantly stalked groupies. He did time for narcotics possession and was one of the first public figures to announce that they had contracted HIV which instantly made him infamous and a pariah. The Greatest Left Hook in Boxing History died broke, broken, and nearly alone. The American Boxing Association honors his achievements and dedicated a monument to his legacy in the High School Gymnasium of his Alma mater. The ABA hosted an 8-Man Memorial Tournament in order to give boxers from the current generation a pathway to a National Championship Title Belt.

After defeating two opponents in one night the finalists ended the final round of the Main Event with a Draw and were made co-champions by the promoter of the event, Jim Roach​. The ABA honored his decision and Brandon Spencer​ of Georgia and Jamal Woods of Arkansas were given the opportunity to compete in the first ever ABA Southern Regional Championship. Big Bear hit the road running and on May 5th of 2017 he defeated Miree Coleman​ to become the American Boxing Association's U.S. Heavyweight Champion in the Southern Division.

ABA's Spencer prepares to defend heavyweight title

WJBF Channel 6 ABC News out of Augusta Highlights the upcoming bout.

By Zach Hughes and Nathan PalmPublished: April 26, 2017, 6:36 pm

“Big Bear” Spencer is hitting his stride in the boxing world. After a slow start to his career, he is 6-1 since he began training at Greubel’s MMA in 2015 and is the current American Boxing Association heavyweight champion. For the first time since earning the belt last February, he will try to defend his title against Miree “Pink Panther” Coleman in May.

“I’m very excited,” Spencer said. “This is a fight I’ve always wanted. If you go to my Facebook page, the guy is always talking junk, taunting me, and I stand against bullying. I’m going to show people what you do to a bully.”

Tommy and I have alot in common I was share the same birthday and I was born in his hometown. If it weren't for Tommy Morrison I would have never joined the American Boxing Association - ABA Executive Director, Kit Coughran

Local Artist donates painting to Tommy Morrison Memorial Kit Coughran is a Cherokee and Irish painter residing in Grove, Oklahoma. He recently accepted a position with the American Boxing Association as the Media Director. His first task is to bring attention to the Tommy Morrison Legacy 8-Man Tournament being held at Bull Dog Arena on January 2nd. Mr. Coughran currently has work hanging in the new Sam Hider Clinic that was just built by Cherokee Nation in Jay. He is an alumni member of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was born in Jay, Oklahoma on January 2nd, 1980. Just 11 years after Tommy Morrison was born on that same day. Kit remembers looking up to Tommy as a young man. “When Rocky 5 came out everyone tried to claim Tommy as their own,” Kit recalls. “People from Kansas City tried to say he was from their town but everyone from Delaware County felt like we had him first.” “It was inspiring to see a local boy taking Hollywood by storm by portraying, ”Tommy Gun” a character based on himself.” Kit hopes that by donating this painting that it will be sold at auction to help fund the installation of a bronze bust in Tommy’s honor. The local painter hopes that the donation of this one of a kind art piece will inspire others to take pride in Delaware County History and remind future Oklahomans to reach for their dreams and to not give up in the face of adversity.

The statue is being created by Big Statues out of Utah. It will be 36” tall and weigh around 400 lbs. Jim Roach, American Boxing Association president, spoke with Jay School Board members on June 29 about placing a life-size bronze bust of Morrison on the school campus. “It looks very promising,” Roach said. The monument would be a fixture at Bulldog Arena, and will be unveiled at the Tommy Morrison 8-man boxing tournament that is scheduled Jan. 2, which coincides with Morrison’s birthday. Roach says, “The tournament would bring in a lot of revenue to Grove and Jay,” There are many positive elements to the bronze bust, Jay superintendent Charles Thomas said.

”We are going to use photos from the family and actual boxing gloves, boxing belts and ephemera to capture the true likeness as close as possible,” said Matt Glenn with Big Statues, a Utah-based company that is creating the bust. “Tommy’s last wishes were to include some of his ashes in the actual boxing glove that is part of the bust,” said Dean Smith, American Boxing Association chief executive officer.

Thrill On The Hill- ABA

Fight between Brandon "Big Bear" Spencer and Miree "Pink Panther" Cole





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