"It is never too late to live your dream"

American Boxing Association

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What is the American Dream? We as Americans paraphrase our rights from our Constitution, by generally referring to the “American Dream” as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. American boxers have been striving for this dream in America for centuries; since the days of bare-knuckled brawling for change, through this modern era of Pay Per View (PPV) fights with millions of dollars at stake. Now, there is an organization and a belt created to celebrate the American fighter and the American Dream. Meet the American Boxing Association (ABA).

The ABA is the brainchild of president and founder, Dean Smith, of Dean Smith Productions. Dean was born in Ireland, the son and grandson of prizefighters. Dean Smith developed a love for boxing at an early age, which has continued throughout his life today. Being familiar with the boxing scene in Great Britain, Dean Smith is struck by the passion and national pride in which fighters overseas fight for and defend those belts that represent their national heritage.

Why is there a British Championship, but not an American Championship? As Dean Smith says:
“America is the greatest country in the world, there should be an American Championship belt.”
Patterned a bit in the tradition of the Lonsdale Belt in Great Britain, the ABA will offer its belt in all of the different recognized weight classes.
However, the most unique aspect of the ABA lies in the fact that it will only sanction title fights between American citizens. This factor distinguishes the ABA from the other countless title belts and organizations. Once a fighter establishes his American citizenship, and showcases a worthy resume which meets the ABA standards, he can fight for the most American of belts- The American Boxing Association Championship.

The ABA is currently in the final stages of having its first belt created, and there has been discussion with rising star Elijah McCall (11-1-1, 10 KO’s), the son of former heavyweight champion, Oliver McCall and former title contender, Jameel McCline (41-1-3, 24 KO’s) about possibly facing each other for the very first right to call themselves the ABA heavyweight champion.

The ABA would also like to introduce you to the following:
Founder & Managing Director Dean Smith, Marketing Directing Shant Telimi
Your humble writer of this article is affiliated with the ABA as a journalist and media correspondent.
The great Riddick Bowe, a dear friend of Dean Smith, is the ABA’s inaugural Honorary Champion. Riddick is happily retired, but is proud to serve as an ambassador for the company and will appear at ABA sanctioned fights and related events in the coming years.


In this most patriotic of years, as Americans splash their sweat and blood overseas to represent their country at the Olympic Games in London, while Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fight for the very soul and future direction of the country here at home, the American Boxing Association (ABA), is honored to introduce its belt as the representation of the hopes and dreams of proud American fighters.